Volunteer with Accolade Hospice

Enrich Your Life by Volunteering with Accolade Hospice


How Volunteers Help:

• Offering compassionate friendship

• Giving companionship to caregiver

• Reading

• Writing letters and cards

• Holding hands

• Listening

• Helping patient write his/her life story

• Working on crafts or other projects

• Helping with makeup or hair

• Playing cards or other games

• Providing short-term breaks for the caregiver


Benefits to Patients:

• Decreased anxiety

• Diversion from pain/boredom

• Increased relaxation

• Fun and Laughter

• Decreased loneliness

• New friendships



• Accolade gives hospice volunteers specialized training to develop the skills they need to work with patients and their families.

• Volunteers choosing administrative or other support functions receive an orientation and on the job training.



• Each volunteer is free to choose how much time he or she would like to give.

• Some volunteers work out a regular schedule while others request to be called to fill in as needed.


Accolade Hospice Volunteers complete a comprehensive training, criminal background check and drug screen.


For more information, visit our locations page and place a call to your nearest Accolade Hospice.

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