Alzheimer's and Going Outside

Sometimes caregivers forget that the Alzheimer’s persons (especially those who are non-ambulatory) still need a change of environment from time to time. Take time to take them outside in the mornings to enjoy the scenery and fresh air. Together, take a walk down the sidewalks in the neighborhood or simply sit in front of the house. Use this as an opportunity for cognitive stimulation. Talk about the leaves on the trees (or lack there of if it’s winter). Talk about the sky, the chirping birds, the clouds, the cars passing by… You might be surprised at the input and stories from their past that a little outside time will conjure up.

You can look at flowers and rocks too. Be aware:  if you hand it to them they may put it in their mouth mistaking it as food. Be prepared and use good judgment. Make sure and properly hydrate your loved one and yourself as well.

It’s been suggested that these excursions outside can help reduce undesirable behaviors associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

This article was written by: Jane Hale, Accolade Home Care Sales Executive

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