Accolade Aids Haiti

During the last week of April, Twenty-Six: Twelve, a non-profit service organization associated with Accolade Home Care and Accolade Hospice offered medical assistance to Haiti. Although they typically plan their trips a year in advance, they expedited the process due to the urgency of Haiti’s disaster relief needs. Due to their great generosity, they were able to pull the trip together in a short amount of time, including the collection of nine suitcases full of supplies. They were able to partner with a ministry that already had connections in Haiti, which allowed their efforts to be even more effective. 

The team, made up of nine men and women from six different Accolade locations, traveled to Haiti from April 27-May 3. They worked in the neighborhoods surrounding Port au Prince, as well as lent hands in the hospital and aide tents where needed. They hosted outdoor medical clinics in three different areas, providing medical care to over 700 people. The extreme heat and magnitude of the tragedy was something none of them could have prepared for. They saw the devastation first-hand and were touched by the destitute needs of the Haitian people. They felt honored to have done just a small part.

Beckie Hinze, Executive Director of Twenty-six: Twelve, stated, “The conditions and poverty in Haiti are unpleasant. In a span of three days, our team saw roughly 700 people. Other days we spent passing out tents and care kits, which included: band aids, soaps, wash cloths and other personal care items.”  Marcel Jenkins, an Accolade RN from Lytle, shared, “Haiti is a beautiful place; unfortunately, they have no running water, minimal electricity and most of the people there live in tents. However, the Haitians are resilient in their fight to stay alive. With all the devastation they still have faith in the Lord. It truly was an amazing experience.”

The mission of Twenty-Six: Twelve is to provide opportunities for Christian service to the employees of Accolade Homecare and Accolade Hospice. In August Twenty Six: Twelve sent out a team of 20 individuals to Bulembu; a community that cares for orphans in Swaziland, and in October they will be serving in Jamaica.


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