The following articles and information address healthcare-related news and other events of interest in the home care and hospice industries.

ID Theft Expert: A Consumer’s Guide to ID Theft Awareness and Avoidance
The FTC estimates that as many as nine million Americans have their identities stolen each year.  Find out which steps you can take to greatly reduce the risk of this happening to you.

Teaming for Hospice Care
To provide the best care for patients, nurses, allied health staff and families all need to work together. Read how Accolade Hospice in Burleson is doing just that.

Accolade Aids Haiti
When the disaster happened in Haiti in January, our employees immediately responded, inquiring what we could do through Twenty-six: Twelve.

Tis the Season! (Flu Season)
Influenza (flu) season is fast approaching.  Although this year’s flu season will likely not be the subject of as intense media control as last year’s season, the flu remains a potentially dangerous problem.

Alzheimer's and Reasoning
You can’t reason with someone who can’t reason...

Alzheimer's and Going Outside
Sometimes caregivers forget that the Alzheimer’s persons still need a change of environment from time to time. It’s been suggested that these excursions outside can help reduce undesirable behaviors associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Study: Vitamin D Helps Keep Old Bones from Breaking
After USPSTF's recommendation of Vitamin D to prevent falls, a Tufts study finds Vitamin D can also inhibit fractures in older patients -- but they have to take it regularly at high doses.

Accolade Hospice Announces Award
Accolade Hospice has announced that Phil Hieger, LMSW, ACHP-SW, has earned the advanced credential of Advanced Certified Hospice and Palliative Social Worker.

Alzheimer's and Waiting
There are several “tricks” to getting people with Alzheimer’s to speak but the easiest is to simply wait for them to process what was just said and give them time to locate words to speak.

Alzheimer's and Leaving
The simpler the goodbye, the better...

Volunteer with Accolade Hospice
Accolade Hospice is actively seeking people to volunteer with our hospice patients.

Physical Therapy in Home Care
Physical Therapists (PTs) in home care will come to you and conduct physical therapy sessions in the comfort, privacy and convenience of your own home.

Conversations to Prepare for End of Life
Already having discussed end-of-life medical care with your loved one and knowing their wishes ahead of time will be critical information to help you and your family make those tough choices when the time comes.

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