The Sowing Seeds Program

Camp!Always looking for new and broader ways to serve others, while expressing our gratitude for and commitment to our local communities, Accolade Home Care and Hospice has created a campaign called “Sowing Seeds.” As we all know, a seed on its own will never reproduce and bear a crop; it will forever remain a single seed. The more seeds are cultivated, the greater the harvest. In much the same way, Accolade seeks partnerships with other organizations to expand our reach and increase our ability to meet existing community needs.

Deeply committed to this community-enrichment campaign, Accolade has spearheaded a number of projects such as building high-rise gardens tailored to senior citizens’ physical restrictions, assembling supplies for disaster relief efforts, restoring medical equipment for donation, and even throwing a “Senior Prom” for senior citizens. We could always use more help! If you are interested in “sowing seeds” with Accolade, please call your local agency.

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