Why Accolade?

As an Accolade Home Care nurse we put all the pieces of a patient’s care together in their home. There is countless research about how wonderfully healing home is. Ask anyone in the hospital where they want to be–home is always the answer. Home is where you’re comfortable, home is where your things are, where your favorite pillow is, your comfy chair. To be able to meet healthcare needs in the home is so profoundly important. From figuring out which doctors they need, to understanding how their meds interact, to helping them recover, to managing a disease or making their home safer–all these things we can do in the comfort of home.

Our nurses and therapists are cream of the crop.  They are committed to knowing the newest treatments and best technology.  You don’t have to be in a big city to receive this kind of care.  Accolade is in many a small town.  Our staff knows what it is to cross two cattle guards to get to a patient’s home. And they are honored to do so.

We also have the home Telemonitoring system. This is vital care in small rural communities where patients may be very far from their doc’s office. Every day the patient uses this small monitor placed in their home to assess their own vital signs: blood pressure, weight, temperature, pulse, oxygen saturation, heart rate. It can even remind the patient to take their meds. The information is transmitted to our central station nurse, who ‘sees’ the patient daily by seeing their vital signs. If something is not ok, that patient gets a call and a visit from our nurse. Telemonitoring helps reduce ER visits and hospitalizations because we find problems before they’re out of control. It’s a great comfort to the family and the patient.

Alzheimer’s is a devastating disease where there is a complete and total loss of control – for the patient and the family. In the home setting, our memory care program teaches caregivers how to respond to various situations, how to provide the best nutrition, how to create an activity for someone no longer interested in anything. We do a safety check from the perspective of a memory-impaired person. It’s amazing how much these solutions impact families.

Accolade has a specialty program for Parkinson’s disease too. Mobility can become a very difficult problem with Parkinson’s. We have specialists available to work specifically with these patients and their caregivers. We have therapists certified in LSVT BIG Therapy*, a special program for Parkinson’s issues.

Home care aides provide very personal care, and Accolade patients have a deep trust and fondness for our home care aides that goes beyond description. That aide knows what temperature the patient likes their shower, how to get them into the shower and how hard they want their back scrubbed. That aide knows where their socks are and how to get them ready for the day. Home care aides can make all the difference in the world to a patient’s physical and mental health.

When the time has come that home care can no longer meet your needs or you need additional care due to advancing illness, Accolade Hospice can help. Accolade Hospice provides end-of-life care at home, at your assisted living facility or at your contracted nursing home. Hospice care is not to be viewed as a time of giving up but rather a time to achieve the highest quality of life and make every moment count. Our Hospice nurses help manage patients’ pain and set goals that can promote the best quality of life. They coordinate care with their team of doctors and clinicians, and provide spiritual counsel as well.

We’re so fragmented in our healthcare today, with so many specialists and so many places to go to seek care. But home is where all of their problems and medical needs are. Sometimes I am the only person that the patient sees in the day; I’m their connection to the outside world. It is a privilege to be able to make it possible for someone to heal at home as an Accolade nurse.

Accolade can care for patients whether in a small town or big city. With Accolade you will find the marriage of small town relationships coupled with big city technology. We are big enough that we are able to offer the most current medical solutions, but really we’re a small company at heart. We want to take care of you like we would hope someone would take care of our mom. It is our honor to serve you."

*The treatments, known as LSVT BIG and LSVT LOUD, retrain the brain to help patients overcome two common symptoms of neurological disorders: ability to control mobility and speak in an audible voice. Originally developed to counteract the symptoms of Parkinson's, LSVT BIG and LSVT LOUD are also used now to treat numerous neurological conditions, including multiple sclerosis and stroke, and reduce the risk of falls. Ask Accolade about these solutions


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