Finding someone to care for yourself or a loved one can feel daunting. You need to trust in their ability to meet your medical needs and feel comfortable inviting them into your home. We hope the experiences shared below by our patients, their caregivers, and our employees will ease your mind by demonstrating the quality of care and depth of compassion offered by Accolade.

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Speaking from the Heart 1

Bob, Caregiver

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An Accolade patient’s husband speaks on the help Accolade gave him as a caregiver

Topics: home care, caregiver, nurse

Alfonzo, thank you for sharing such tenderness and authentic compassion with my Grammie. She has told me that you even took the time to feed her dog, Otis, when she wasn't feeling well. The quality of your care and going the extra mile are the true characteristics of an Accolade nurse.

Granddaughter of an Accolade Patient

Thank you so much for taking care of Daddy! I sensed your compassion and your dedication to both your job and to my father! He truly loved you. I know Accolade helped prolong his life. You all are gifts from God!

Son of an Accolade Patient

Those people at Accolade saved my life!

Accolade Home Care Patient
Patient treated with LSVT Big Program for Parkinsons

Assurance that you are never alone. Comfort is given when needed. Confidence is given that you can do it. Open all the time. Love is shown in all they do. Adored is how you feel about the nurse. Day or night, they are at your beck and call. Experience is shown in caring for you. Put all first letters together and it spells "accolade". The greatest group of home nurses around- that is what Accolade is.

Accolade Home Care Patient

My PaPa was given so much assistance from Accolade in how to best help [my grandmother]. This was life-giving to him and I believe has made all the difference to them both. I can't get over what Accolade has meant to them and to all of our family!

Granddaughter of an Accolade Patient

I want everyone at Accolade to know that my father and I totally trust and deeply appreciate all of the members of your team. All of you have done a terrific job caring for my father.

Daughter of an Accolade Patient

Prior to starting with Accolade, I had used 6 other facilities and received very little therapy. I have been very pleased with my care from Accolade. Thomas Reynolds is my main PT and if it wasn’t for him, I would not be walking as well with my brace as I am today. My home physical therapy, the one on one, is what each person should receive if they have been stricken by an illness such as mine. I am very appreciative for Accolade. Thank you.

Accolade Home Care Patient

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